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Want to come out and play?

We offer adventurous jeep tours around East Iceland - the whole year. We provide personal day tours, to any of East Iceland´s exciting locations. Among them are Vatnajökull National park in Europes largest wilderness, the great glacier Vatnajökull, and Europe´s largest dam at Kárahnjúkar and the spectacular volcano Snæfell. Our mountain adventures offer the possibility to bathe in natural warm springs, great birdwatching and see herds of wild reindeer.

The Eastern fjords are famous for there calm pristine waters and lovely fishing villages - join our wonderful tranquil Mjóifjörður tour. Our winther tours focus on northern lights, nature baths and mouthwatering local, gourmet food. We assist you in experiencing East Iceland´s versatile attractions, whether you wish to explore the beautiful lowlands and fjords or enjoy the rough landscape with breathtaking views in the highlands. Planning our clients’ trips we lay heavy emphasis on acquiring whatever service that is needed to make the tour as enjoyable as possible.