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Wonderland - East Iceland

There are few places in Iceland where a person can feel the beauty of nature and the sense of solitude as in the vicinity of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. Everything here is on a grander scale: The lofty mass of the ice cap, the spectacular mountain peaks, the black sands and the boiling hot springs within the blue ice.

But it is not only the craggy, rugged beauty of the region that is appealing. This is one of the oldest regions of Iceland, displaying an alpine landscape carved by the Ice Age glaciers, long green fertile valleys with brooks and birch woods and the Fjords are a magnificent landscape of long, narrow, pristine fjords, steep mountains and jagged peaks. The landscape exhibits an extraordinary palette of colours. In the realm of Vatnajökull, the vegetation is greener, the glacier whiter, the volcanic sands blacker than anywhere else. The sky lit by the arctic sun in daytime and moon, stars and northern lights at night, form an otherworldly environment which leaves no one untouched.